Blonk, Nijdam & Van Der Putten
Jaap Blonk 's voice-art has an important place in this trio with double bass player Jan Nijdam and alto saxophonist, clarinettist Bart Van Der Putten. Nijdam worked with Cor Fuhler, Van Der Putten played with Ig Henneman and works with the Bik Bent Braam and "Splinks", another big group of Blonk.

In this trio Blonk sings in existing and non-existing languages, for example "Scientific German", "Almost English" and "Inside - out Dutch". With his voice he makes sudden u-turns and switches register as easily as a saxophone player.

The trio started playing in 1990. From the beginning the trio was able to create it's own sound world. The musicians understand each other without the need for explaination. Intuitively they switch direction as one, go into fierce discussions, discover idyllic landscapes, play limping rhythms or dive into lyrical pursuits all this in pure sound.

In 1997 the trio brought out the cd "Blonk, Nijdam & Van Der Putten" on Blonks own label Kontrans in the serie "Improvisors"

Jaap Blonk: voice
Jan Nijdam: double bass
Bart Van Der Putten: clarinet, alto saxophone.



Blonk, Nijdam & Van Der Putten
Bart Van Der Putten
Amsteldijk 814
1079 LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: (31) 20 646 26 17