Bart Van Der Putten Quartet
I am very happy to present my new group: the Bart Van Der Putten Quartet.

The members are:

Bart Van Der Putten: alto sax en clarinet
Wolter Wierbos: trombone
Wilbert De Joode: double bass
Theo Bodewes: drums

In this group I renew my cooperation with Wibert De Joode and Theo Bodewes ( Trio Nu, 1984-1990), with Wolter Wierbos on trombone as reinforcement.

It was a deliberate choice to ask these specific musicians for my Quartet. I think it is important to play music from the heart, with looseness and an eagerness to experiment without the result sounding senseless and cold, as this makes the music hard to enjoy. For that purpose I needed musicians with a big heart and good ears. I know by experience that my colleagues have these qualities.

The pieces I wrote for this group are also an important feature. They must lend themselves to improvisation.

We give concerts where the emphasis is on our love for the music and the fun we have in playing together, without the music becoming "chewing gum for the ears" nor an exclusive entity enjoyed only by an elite few.

Please contact me for more information.

Listen to a fragment.

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Bart Van Der Putten Quartet
Bart Van Der Putten
Amsteldijk 814
1079 LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: (31) 02 646 26 17