De Commotie (The Commotion) started out in 1983 as a street trio.

Due to the the great success while playing the streets we soon were asked to play in bars, at parties and festivals in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

We played at the Oerol Festival, the Theatre Festival in Avignon, France, at parties of L' Unita, in Italy and for the Dutch radio.

Whenever possible we invited guest musicians and through the years the present line up came into being.

We all have worked for many years in different bands and on numerous venues. Most of our music is written and arranged by members of the band. We can guarantee you a swinging evening with music both to dance and listen to, with South African, South American, Jazz and Pop influences.

De Commotie are:

Felicity Provan: trumpet and vocals
Bart Van Der Putten: alto saxophone and clarinet.
Paul Pallesen: guitar
Pieter Meurs: bas
Theo Bodewes: drums and marimba

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Music fragment.

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De Commotie
Bart Van Der Putten
Amsteldijk 814
1079 LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
telephone: (31) 20 646 26 17

See you at your party, your concert, your festival!